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Just like any aspect of your wedding (from the venue, to the wedding dress, and the photography), wedding flowers can eat a big piece of your wedding budget if you let them. Be a wise bride and plan your wedding flowers budget carefully as it can save you a lot of headaches… and money!

Here are our top picks for wedding flowers ideas on a budget:

It’s (almost) all about the stem
I am sure you have never thought about flowers this way. Maybe it’s the right time to start! Most brides get picky when it comes to their flower arrangements and are impossible to convince that the stunning picture they saw on Pinterest will actually take a dozen of florists plus a million professional tricks to make the real thing look like the picture you saw online. Take Orchids, for example. Yes, they are pretty and elegant. Yes, you will look gorgeous next to a waterfall of cascading orchids in the exact same shade of your wedding dress. But, please, put your feet back on the ground for a minute and think about reality. Orchids have, like, a 1-cm stem that’s almost impossible to be incorporated in a regular bouquet, let alone a waterfall cascade…

Pick a venue that’s already beautiful on its own
As sure as I am that there should be no bride who would deliberately choose an unseemly looking wedding venue, I have to suggest that you think about your wedding venue not only in terms of space, but in terms of decoration as well. If you pick wisely, you may as well save thousands of dollars on wedding flowers – there’s no need to order lavish flower centerpieces if your wedding is taking place in a beautiful garden with blossoming flowers all over the place, right?

Let them dance!
No, I am not suggesting you actually put your wedding flowers on the dance floor and expect them to do the cha cha (although it would totally be the coolest thing that has ever happened on a wedding)! If you are on a tight budget, consider using the same flowers for multiple locations. Moving your ceremony flower arrangement to the wedding venue and using your bridesmaids’ bouquets as centerpieces are just a few ideas to consider! If you are a fan of nature (and money saving), this may be the perfect solution for you.

Share the love (and the flowers)
You must be well aware of the fact that a wedding ceremony lasts for about an hour (at most). Why not get in contact with the bride who is going to say “I do” right before/after you and ask her if she is willing to share her wedding flower arrangements with you? Thus you will both enjoy the same amazing flower arrangement for half the price!

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