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You’ve dreamed about this day all of your life. Now, you just have to make it happen. Having begun planning your wedding, it may seem as though wedding imagery is found everywhere – internet, magazines, television, and movies. This can be exciting and overwhelming all at once. Use this energy to begin the journey of choosing the right wedding photographer. It can be a lengthy process but you will know when you’ve found the One – not so different from what brought you to where you are now, awaiting your vows.

Orangeville Headwaters Caledon Mono Wedding Photographer

Once you’ve narrowed down a list of photographers in your area based on your budget and your love of their work, here are some great questions to ask when meeting with one:

Orangeville Headwaters Caledon Mono Wedding Photography1. What does the photographer wear to the wedding? Don’t assume that they will turn up in formal attire. Make sure that is stated as an expectation in your conversation and contract.

2. Do they have backup equipment with them? There’s only one chance to capture the most important moments of your life. Ask if they bring backup equipment as standard practice.

3. Do they have someone to stand in for them if they can’t make it due to illness or unforeseen circumstances? One hopes that their chosen wedding photographer will not suddenly become unavailable on the day of their wedding due to an emergency. If this should happen, does your primary have an associate who they trust that can step in to fill their shoes? Have you seen this associate’s work? Do you love it? Would you be happy looking at it for the rest of your life?

4. Do they have accredited training from a photography school or are they a member of any professional photography organization? Schooling is not an absolute requirement by any means but is a great guide in choosing a competent photographer. While there are excellent self-taught photographers out there, there are also many who think that by simply owning a camera, they can claim to be a professional photographer.

Your final decision is based upon the individual that you feel most comfortable with and whose work you are in love with.  You want someone who will be a calm, relaxed presence and who will bring positive energy to your wedding day.  Provided you are satisfied with the standard of their work and their professionalism, go with your intuition. Whose work is the most visually and emotionally decadent to you? These memories will last you a lifetime. Hire a photographer whose work you will enjoy and will stand the test of time.

Gary Matchett Photography is one of these photographers. Visit his website at If you like what you see email him at or call 905-926-1523 today!

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