Finding the Best Wedding Shoes for Your Big Day in Headwaters

Her Wedding PlannerFinding the perfect wedding shoes takes time and effort.  Because of so many varieties, choosing one could be confusing.  Some tips could help you find your perfect pair.


Are you the traditional bride or a modern bride?

If you’re the classic type, white or ivory wedding shoes is the best for you.  Nowadays, there are also many redesigned white or ivory wedding shoe designs creating a modern twist such as having ribbons, gold or diamonds in their designs.


Modern brides prefer the colored ones.  Although choices are not as broad as the ivory and white bridal shoes, colored ones are already gaining popularity.  You can choose green, blue or red among others according to your wedding theme.


What type do you prefer?

Try looking at bridal magazines, wedding websites or online shoe stores on what is in store for you.  Aside from its color, you also need to choose whether you prefer shoes that have open toes, low or high heels, sling backs or with ribbons.  Make sure that whichever caught your fancy, they are also comfortable for you.  Remember, comfort is your topmost priority since your Big Day will also be the day you’re standing up the most so make sure that your wedding shoes won’t be in the way in enjoying your wedding day.


Don’t settle for any shoes.  Most brides think shoes won’t matter much – but they really do from completing your total bridal look up to comfort.  It is also up to you if you want to buy your pair for purely wedding purposes or you have the intention of using them for other events.  So choose well and enjoy your wedding!

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