Herbal One Orangeville Ontario

Over half of North America’s adult population is considered to be overweight. Sadly, that figure continues to rise and with it, so will health risks associated with overweight and obesity. Here at Herbal One, we take pride in committing ourselves to developtin the most comprehensive and up-to-date Weight Management Programs available. In conjunction with powerful herbal supplements, specifically designed for weight loss, our programs are created by a qualified nutiotionist and soundly based for effective, safe and healthy weight loss management.

Our high quality weight management herbal supplements are all standardized ensuring that what’s on the label is in the product. These specifically formulated supplements are an essential part of all of our safe, effective programs. They help curb appetite, speed metabolism, increase energy levels, and alleviate anxiety normally associated with weight loss.

We don’t offer quick fix, magical remedies. The array of programs that we have for women (including menopausal), men and adolescents offer a variety of personalized options for the most effective, life-long results. Our individualized programs do not consists of calorie restricted pre-packages foods that are not very satisfying; injections that can upset your endocrine system; nor electrodes that produce short lived results at best. Using everyday store bought groceries, the Herbal One netural system to weight management is designed to provide sufficient, satisfying calorie intake that is based on Canada’s Food Guide. No one is going to lock you out of your refrigerator.

Following our system generally allows for safe weight loss of 2 – 7 lbs. per week. And, because our natural herbal supplemented programs are customized t the individual’s weight level, clients seldom, if ever feel as though they are on a diet. In fact, our program is not really a diet at all – it’s a lifestyle change. We teach you how to create a favourable atmosphere for weight loss with proper maintenance to keep the weight off once goals are reached.

What helps to make our individual weight management programs successful is our well trained Counsellors. Our Counsellors partner with clients to develop a successful weight management lifestyle and will select the right program specific to each client. Counsellors will also provide motivating one-on-one support to clients throughout their program ensuring proper weight loss, stabilization, and maintenace for their new
healthier lifestyle.

Professionally designed, easy to use Program and Food Diary bookles are provided to help clients monitor daily food food intake. The many tools that we provide with each program assist client on their weight loss journey. Our objective is to help weight loss clients achieve their goal in the most healthful and enjoyable way possible.

In order to obtain a full understanding of how we can create the best possible program for you, phone or drop by your nearest centre. Or, if you prefer, you can join our On Line Weight Management Lifestyle Program where we offer the same counselling to clients that they would receive by going to a centre. You’ll connect with your own Persoanl Weight Counsellor who will come directly into your home via the internet to work one-one-one with you to create the best program suited fr you.

Simply click on the Location tab at our web site on our Home Page at www.herbal-1.com, email us at orangeville@herbal-1.com or call us at: (519) 941-0022.