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Most brides choose summer for their outdoor wedding and who can blame them? Having your reception outdoors offers a unique experience both for you and for your wedding guests. There is, however, a rather annoying and disturbing downside to having your wedding reception under the sky in the summer and this is the most unwelcome guest to any outdoor celebration – the mosquito.

Whether you’ve hired an outdoor wedding venue or you are having your wedding reception under a tent in your backyard, the last thing you would want is your special day to be ruined by mosquito bites. These impudent uninvited guests may be small in size but they can really turn your beautiful wedding fairy tale into an itching nightmare…

Imagine you are having the best outdoor wedding reception, everything is beautifully decorated, your guests are enjoying the delicious food, some of them are dancing, others are chatting and you are on cloud number nine.


As the day delightfully melts into a charming summer evening, you finally feel relieved that the scorching sun will not be disturbing your guests for the rest of the wedding. Just when everything looks perfect, you hear an annoying buzz of a mosquito. You look around and see your wedding guests waving their hands in the air, trying to chase away the biting intruders, leaving itching red marks on their exposed skin. You don’t want this to happen on your wedding day, do you?

Luckily, there’s an easy and simple solution to this problem and Skeeter Patrol is here to save your big day! Their special event spray will make sure your outdoor wedding party goes smoothly and mosquito bite-free till the last wedding guest leaves the wedding venue. Skeeter Patrol will keep mosquitoes off your wedding guest list by spraying your outdoor wedding location in advance with a proved bite-free formula that provides protection throughout the whole day thanks to their highly effective mosquito control solution.

Flowers and candles prepared for the newlyweds during outdoor wedding celebration

Flowers and candles prepared for the newlyweds during outdoor wedding celebration

And the best news? Their special event eco-friendly treatment is provided 24-48 hours before the event and will remain effective even if it rains! All they need is a free consultation with your wedding planner and your mosquito-free outdoor wedding experience is guaranteed.

Skeeter Patrol
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