DIY Winter Wedding Favors

1) Mugs with Hot Chocolate mix.

Hot Cocoa Mix (homemade)
1 cup unsweetened cocoa
1 ¼ cups sugar
3 cups powdered milk
A dash of salt

Mix all ingredients together and then divide into bags. Please note that each cup of hot cocoa will need 3 tbsp of mix.

Place the desired amount of mix inside a plastic bag of your choice.

Place bag with mix into mug and tie a ribbon around the mug with a card stock thanking your guests of sharing in your special day.

2) Christmas Ornaments.

There are so many different types of ornaments that can be handmade. Reusing old light bulbs and transforming them into Santa faces or snowmen. Pine cones, glitter and an open mind can go a long way.

Here is an idea.

You Will Need:

• Cookie sheet

• Kitchen aluminum foil

• 3-inch-diameter pink glass ball christmas ornament
with removable metal cap

• 6-inch square Styrofoam block

• Drinking straw

• High-tack white glue

• Micro glitter in coordinating color

1. Cover cookie sheet with aluminum foil. Remove cap from glass Christmas ball and set aside.

2. To facilitate decorating, place Styrofoam block on cookie sheet and stick straw in center. Insert cap end of glass Christmas ball on straw.

3. Make swirl design or other desired design on surface of Christmas ball with nozzle of glue bottle.

4. Sprinkle glitter over glued areas. Let dry completely. Shake off excess glitter. Replace cap.

A beautiful handmade ornament for your guests.  This idea gives you unless options in design.

3) Christmas Cookies.

Make your favorite Christmas cookie recipes your wedding favors. Place 4-6 cookies into a bag or box and wrap with ribbon. Beautiful, personable and yummy!

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